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The Jackalope Flea: An Arts and Crafts Supply Sale in Downtown Phoenix

In January, Phoenix New Times invited a dozen or so artists and collectives to clean out their supply closets and sell their goods in the parking lot.

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Published: Phoenix New Times, January 2013

Should I Be Watching Girls? (An Illustrated Flowchart to Lena Dunham’s HBO Comedy-Drama)

Lena Dunham’s coming-of-age in New York drama-comedy has made headlines for nudity, drawn criticism for diversity, and posed questions for viewers that range in age, gender, and familiarity with New York.

There are plenty of reasons to love Girls … and plenty of reasons why you don’t want to watch it with your mom or relatively new boyfriend/girlfriend. But for those of you still wondering whether you should be tuning in, we’ve created a guide.

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Published: Phoenix New Times, February 2013

You Are Here: Maps of Phoenix by Local Artists at Regular Gallery

In October 2011, Claire Lawton curated an exhibition of maps of Phoenix created by local artists.  The maps were on exhibition at Regular Gallery in downtown Phoenix through October and November. The show also included a lineup of local historians and map experts who talked about their interests and crafts.

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Published: Phoenix New Times, October 2011

Pinterest: An Illustrated Field Guide (Plus a Few Survival Tips)

Friends, creatives, crafty types, and internet obsessed — meet Pinterest, the prettiest time suck you’ll ever see.

No need to worry about small talk, Pinterest will cut to the chase. It already knows all your friends from all your networks and is wide open to anything you’d like to pin on its boards (just don’t get any ideas).

Simply put, Pinterest is the brainchild of a team from Palo Alto, California. It’s an endless place to store, pin, and refer back to things you find while down the rabbit hole of the Internet and your friends’ pin boards. Pinterest is an inspiration wall on crack, a bulletin board with no borders, and a supply of visual stimuli that’ll take you a lifetime (quite literally) to get through.

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Published: Phoenix New Times, January 2012

Where the F#*k Do I Post This? (A Social Media Flowchart)

Thanks to social media, our cool sightings, funny lines, lunch habits, dog’s yawns, and daily outfit inspirations are broadcast to our social network (and beyond). And for better or worse, these outlets have become easier to sign up for … and get sucked into on an hourly basis.

Here’s a quick guide for the moment that happens right after you take a picture with your phone or come up with a witty remark, and then have to ask yourself: Where the fuck do I post this?

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Published: Phoenix New Times, February 2012

Downtown Phoenix’s First Friday: An Illustrated Guide to April 5

From October 2010 to May 2013, I drew field guides to downtown Phoenix’s First Friday, an art walk that includes exhibition openings, live performances, restaurant events, and typical shenanigans.

Maps included art shows in the three main neighborhoods in downtown Phoenix’s arts district as well as a limited-edition sticker created by a local artist. A few hundred of these maps were distributed throughout Phoenix as well as a number of stickers that were collected by local artists and art fans.

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Published: Phoenix New Times, April 2013